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Our activities

Lake Duluti

Lake Duluti is a volcanic crater lake in the Arusha región of Tanzania. It is surrounded by nature, forest, and a great landscape that only invites you to enjoy and relax.

Also, you have an option for walking around the lake, where you will find a lot of kind of birds, and a couple of viewpoints where you can see the Mount Meru and the bib mountain Kilimanjaro, the Africa’s sky.

There is a bar there where you can drink something while you enjoy the place.

Included: Go and come back to the hostel and one drink.

Not incluided: food, more drinks, boat trip or walk around the lake.

Sunset at Kilimamoto

Kilimamoto it’s a cráter situated in the city outskirts, in Ngaramtoni. Is a Little mountain where we can enjoy on of the best sunsets of the city.

One of the best plans in Arusha: take your blanket, go to kilimamoto and relax while you enjoy the sunset.

Afrodance classes

In the hostel you could enjoy afrodance clases, with profesional dancers. They will show you their art but also you can learn and share with them, in a funny way.

Included: Two hours dancing with profesional dancers, drinks and snacks.

Swahili clases, level: initiation

Two hours class with a local qualified teacher. When we arrive in Tanzania, many words escape us. And the fact is that the people are so close, that they will communicate with you, the vast majority in Swahili.

It is an opportunity to get closer to the local people and live your experience in Tanzania to the fullest.

Includes: two hours of Swahili class, drinks and snacks

Night city tour

Would you like to know the Arusha’s night? Maybe you didn’t know this side of the city, but Arusha has a very lively nightlive. Restaurants for everyone; local food, or food from wherever you can imagine, and night clubs where the party, dance, and the rhythm characterizes this place.

Included: Go and come back to the hostel, local person who will go with you during the night.

Not included: Dinner, drinks and entrances if are neccesary.

Tengeru market- second hand market

The best know market on the city. Its a second hand market, where you could find whatever you looking for. The prices in this place are low, and you could find bargains, and know more about their way of life. A way to get to know Arusha from inside.

Included: Go and come back to the hostel, person who acompanies you, and one drink in a local place.

Swing- Bembea

Visit a swing with views of infinity, which takes you to enjoy a spectacular landscape, a swing with incredible views. Around you you will find the most beautiful flora of the place. The most spectacular photos come out of this place.

Included: Go and come back to the hostel. Entrance, photos, and videos. Not included: Optional visit to the waterfalls.

Jewelry workshop with tanzanian mama

Would you like to bring souvenirs from Tanzania with you? You can make it yourself. The workshop is in a local family house where everything is handmade. The “mama” the mother and family’s mother make handmade jewerly, bags, clothes, everything that you could imagine. She makes wonderful stuff, and also she teach you how to do it.

Included: Go and come back to the hostel, half day making jewelry, local food, knowledge about the loom with which they make the blankets, and souvenirs’ shop.

Not included: Shopping

Cook with African mama

In Tanzania as wherever you travel, they have tipical food. We use to say: till you don’t taste the local food, you don’t know the place where you are.

They have a lot of soil wealth, the 24% of the world's arable land is in Africa. As you can imagine their plates are based on the vegetables that they grow, rice and of course we cannot forget the coffee from this area.

We invite you to cook local food with a Tanzanian mama, so you will know her typical dishes, her tricks and of course the market where she buy all the food. Will be a real adventure.

Included: Go to the market with her, cook class, and one drink per person.



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